“I didn’t have time to take care of my own lawn and was referred to your company by my neighbor.  That was eightyears ago and I couldn’t be happier with your work on my property. I have been recommending you to all of my friends!”

Basking Ridge NJ

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done on our home on XXXX Rd in Far Hills. Thanks to you, our peoperty is really shaping up! You and your crew have just done a great job. Thank you so very much. If you have time I would like to talk with you about some additional design and work. Again, many, many thanks for a really great job. "
Jeannie R 
Far Hills NJ

"When we lived in Basking Ridge many years back, Abbondanzos did our lawn and our snow plowing. They did a very good job. We moved to Tewksbury and hired them again, and also had them install a new paver walkway and patio and some plantings.  But best of all, they took a low. wet, gross area of our property, dug it out and created a beautiful, natural spring fed Koi pond with gardens and a patio. It was amazing!.Definately helped to sell the house when we moved yet again...I just wish that they served the area that we now live...I'm not nearly as happy with the guy I have now..."

Ted S

We do not give out the names and phone numbers of our clients but email us at for addresses of homes so you can see our work without disturbing the residents.

"Thanks Abbondanzos for your excellent Services! We are moving Tomorrow. I have recommended your services to the new homeowners so hopefully you will be hearing from them."
John and Chris
Basking Ridge NJ,

Abbondanzos Landscape & Design LLC (908)766-7155
.Abbondanzos is great! We have used their services for a year, and have never had a problem. They also are very friendly, and make sure to leave toys/gates/lawn stuff back where it was if they ever need to move it. Highly recommended.  Kristen G